TL;DR My Virtual Reality TV Show

Update: I’ve given the project enough time and its due course and am no longer live streaming my computer screen.  This was just a total dead in the water opportunity, but I encourage anyone else who has a large crowd of bitcoin users to promote and sell premium streaming content through this platform.  It was […] is LQQking for Moderators and contributors

I found this while looking through my jobs section today: Its a social sharing platform, and there seems to be opportunity to grow, both of those things got me interested initially.   There’s a github repo, very exciting! that infers legitimacy in my eyes.  Its a RoR implementation. Then I see the product …its another […]

Been Feeling a Bit more generous lately

I don’t know why, even when I’m broke more, I feel compelled to give funds towards others with bitcoin because:   a)  I really Like the cool stuff we’re all making (as a community) b) I actually feel connected to the developer, artist, comedian, or writer by giving them funds through bitcoin. When using a […]

How to: Get Rid of Custom Bitcoin Link Handling in Chrome

It came to my attention while working that my Trezor Device is always trying to act like a default payment method from all bitcoin urls, It’s really aggravating, when trying to do development work. And don’t get me wrong, I like my hardware bitcoin wallet very much, heck I even urge you to buy one […]

Write to Ross (Creator of the silk road) Today!

Hello Boys and Girls, Its been a while as I’ve been busy hacking away lately (I do a little bit of web development), but I wanted to take a moment to archive the following: Send a letter RIGHT NOW:   Federal Bureau of Prisons ROSS WILLIAM ULBRICHT 18870-111 Post Office Box 474701 Des Moines, Iowa […]

Snapcard Shuts Down a week from Today

I just received an interesting email mailer from Snapcard – They’re shutting down.  To bring you up to speed, Snapcard is a bookmarklett ‘app’ that, in conjunction with coinbase, allowed users to effectively pay for *everything* sold on the internet using Bitcoin.  Snapcard was simply acting as a ‘middle party intermediary’ that was actually paying your desired […]