[Speculation] Circle is hiring a Web Developer

I’m going off speculation here based on the fact that it’s a BTC payments company located within Boston Massachusetts – I only know of one company to match that description…Circle!  I’m a great fit….but I’m not interested to relocate, personally. Web Developer needed to join a Boston FinTech startup! This is a great opportunity to […]

Phez.co is LQQking for Moderators and contributors

I found this while looking through my jobs section today: Its a social sharing platform, and there seems to be opportunity to grow, both of those things got me interested initially.   There’s a github repo, very exciting! that infers legitimacy in my eyes.  Its a RoR implementation. Then I see the product …its another […]

21 Inc. Facts and Speculation based on Job Descriptions

Greetings Bitcoin! I say that because taking Good MORNING Bitcoin would be outright theft of Mad’s Stilow; but I agree with the similar sentiment.  Bitcoin isn’t just a technology used, or a store of value for holding your ‘not in my wallet’ money.  IT’S ALSO A COMMUNITY of strong, awesome, some neckbeared (disclaimer, I do have […]

Coinality Review

Good Day Mates, It’s definitely been a minute since I’ve spoken out via post format via the internets, but hey, who cares.  If you’re really compelled to know, I’ve been Un-Shadowbanned and shall resume my moderating activities on Reddit.  Its also great news to know that the HK Ponzi Scheme Mycoin only shows losses of 8 […]

il Whaaa Dream Job to promote with Brawker!?!? li>

Here’s to you Brawker, Here’s to you!  World, Please note that I am also competing for this Awesome opportunity (to be $2500 per month richer for using Brawker and losing a bit of privacy in the process).  I found this wonderful opportunity through my job board.  Here is a screencap of the job posting for […]