How to: Get Rid of Custom Bitcoin Link Handling in Chrome

It came to my attention while working that my Trezor Device is always trying to act like a default payment method from all bitcoin urls, It’s really aggravating, when trying to do development work. And don’t get me wrong, I like my hardware bitcoin wallet very much, heck I even urge you to buy one if you’re holding more than $500 worth of Bitcoin, simply for the ease of mind. With Paper wallets there is an additional step that could get botched with bad security.

While I like using my device if having to spend a large portion of bitcoin, I do not really use it all too often.  In fact, I really mostly use it as a cold storage savings.  However, at the time of setup, I had resorted to configuring my device using – (explanation:  The Trezor wallet itself can be used in tandem with different bitcoin sofware wallets load funds and send transactions.  I could have used multi-bit, green-address or with an OTG Cable I could have even used Mycelium, eliminating the need for a computer entirely.  To make a long story short, I had inadvertently set my chrome browser to accept and route Bitcoin links to the mytrezor so now whenever clicking a bitcoin link, chrome will repspond by forwarding me to the

The Problem:  Since we hardly ever touch the cold wallet, I how we get rid of whenever a bitcoin link is clicked?


The solution is quite easy actually.




From there, scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced Settings.  Just below the word Privacy in bold, is a button called Content Settings – Click it.

Now a modal window pops up with even more settings embedded, you must scroll down until you find ‘Link Handlers”,  You know what to do from here:  Click it!

Almost There…

Listed in the window should be your Mytrezor Link Preference for Bitcoin.  Click remove or Change it to whatever software wallet program you choose.

Congratulations, you can now click on bitcoin links again to go to a different wallet software.

Don’t be that guy with bad security.  Use a Trezor if affordable.  (Disclaimer, This article contains affiliate links. All Proceeds generated will go towards the continued delivery of content on


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