Dear Junseth: I’m Sorry

This all got far out of hand far too quickly.   You’ve been suspended from reddit and that was never my intent.  I was wrong for initially temp banning you based on your remarks to others which were likely in context with what was being said.  I saw your removed comments in the mod queue then looked at your profile page and made the judgement call to issue a three day temporary ban.  At that point I was satisfied with what progressed and would have left it at that.  Furthermore, when you engaged me on twitter stating that I peer through your pm’s specifically targeting you, I had no idea that you had linked all moderators to your comments which flagged them automatically into the mod queue nor did I know that you had been Perma-banned from /r/bitcoin.  Again, I think this snowballed out of hand because had I not issued a temp-ban, you likely wouldn’t have been pissed off to lash out the way you did and thus that Permaban would have never occurred.  I know this is too little too late, but I wanted to at least share with you that I have reached out to Reddit admins, requesting that they reverse the suspension on your main account.

Hi there,

I’ve never done this before so here it goes: a few weeks ago I had issued a temp ban on member /u/junseth for three days. He took it badly and went as far as to complain about it extensively … then he tagged all his messages with the entire mod team so that we would be forced to view all messages…. another mod had decided to permaban him as a result…. from there…I believe he took a few extra accounts to post messages and this was considered ban evasion, so that was then reported, to which point I think Reddit admins suspended his account. As I’m the one responsible for issuing the temp Ban, (now in retrospect I feel that was unnecessary), things snowballed out of hand because of my actions, and I’d like to kindly request that his account suspension be reversed. Thank you for your time.


Maybe that doesn’t mean much because you already participate liberally through another account or perhaps your stomping grounds are slackbitcointalk, twitter, voat  and that’s cool I guess, but I’d personally be upset with the entire situation.  I didn’t realize how unfair it seemed until about a week ago when I pressed that we consider letting you back in.

Trollish behavior or not, that’s my subjective opinion, and I was hasty in issuing a ban – I usually issue bans when it seems like a person is harassing others or is going out of their way to derail conversation, from my point of view it seemed that way, but as I said, that was shortsighted of me to not have read through the comments replied to each time, maybe I would have silently removed a few, maybe not….but I was wrong to have issued that temp ban which got things here.  As you requested, I’m issuing a public apology.  I know I’m not going anywhere and I don’t expect you nor brighton36 to be leaving so I’ll see you around.   I’m sorry Junseth.

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