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This is a Shameless plug.  It was my first attempt at integrating a bitcoin faucet into WordPress.  I normally don’t promote faucets but this one is different.  I built it!  Disable your adBlockers and be sure you’re ready to earn!  If you don’t yet have a Full Member status on Bitcointalk to earn from using Signature campaigns then using a faucet is the first step towards earning some Bitcoin.

What are bitcoin faucets? 

Simply put, a bitcoin faucet is a tool that you can use to earn small amounts of bitcoin periodically.  Usually they have a withdraw limit or minimum but otherwise they’re a way to earn a little tiny bit of bitcoin to experiment with should you want to test it with the main net or with software.  If you need to test larger transactions then you also have the ability to collect testnet non-spendable bitcoin as well.  

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From the pristine land of the internetz, the Frankenment was bred from machine. While looking to embrace the new world Linux regime he is truly a windows bred. I've come from the darkness to the light to share with you other internetz fol-ken to share the message of virtual money. Through our actions, we can make the virtual world yet again beyond the decree of the internet, with the decree of internetz money! Bitcoin, the Supercurrency, the official tender of the internetz that will be accepted by all countries and all fol-ken Alike!