2nd Black Friday Deal!

For this year’s Brack Friday Bunduru, I’ve decided to offer a token 15% off as a thank you for choosing HBOM for your bitcoin gift giving needs!   Use the coupon code: frankenmint (yes, my name!) at checkout to get your 15% off today, offer is good until January 5th 2015!  Spread Bitcoin Awareness!  

Attention Lawyers: Please HELP Rob Lons, BitcoinWebhosting.net CEO

I recently received an email from Rob Lons of BitcoinWebhosting.net, a website hosting provider who accepts bitcoin and to my dismay, it appears his partner is attempting to lock him out and destroy his business in a power grab to liquidate the business: While I have personally spoken with a great many of you, for […]

Live in Austin TX? Job listing for you to Earn BTC!

https://austin.craigslist.org/crg/4640432295.html Seriously though, This is awesome, Click the pic to get to the source listing page if interested!  If it was me, I’d personally see if I could charge .08 BTC flat rate plus .001 BTC per flyer handed out after 500, but that’s me.  Your results may vary!  (Jokingly considers filing this one under […]

5 Hidden Champions of Bitcoin Awareness in Logos

#1: Wired.com   #2: Yahoo Finance News   #3: Forbes   #4: Overstock.com   #5: Reuters News     Honeybadgerofmoney.com would like to salute these champions for spreading the word Bitcoin to an entire wave of online news consumers who will now learn of and investigate this new concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.  These companies […]