21 Inc. Facts and Speculation based on Job Descriptions

Greetings Bitcoin! I say that because taking Good MORNING Bitcoin would be outright theft of Mad’s Stilow; but I agree with the similar sentiment.  Bitcoin isn’t just a technology used, or a store of value for holding your ‘not in my wallet’ money.  IT’S ALSO A COMMUNITY of strong, awesome, some neckbeared (disclaimer, I do have […]

il Whaaa Dream Job to promote with Brawker!?!? li>

Here’s to you Brawker, Here’s to you!  World, Please note that I am also competing for this Awesome opportunity (to be $2500 per month richer for using Brawker and losing a bit of privacy in the process).  I found this wonderful opportunity through my job board.  Here is a screencap of the job posting for […]

You TOO can cause change to promote Bitcoin awareness

I read a few comments the other day about NCR Corporation setting up their Point of Sale Terminals to accept Bitcoin payments and was quite pleased.  This all began back on September 27th 2014.  I was stumbled upon an Entrepreneur.com article where Mark Cuban gave some comments about Bitcoin (I’ve heard him make the reference […]

Live in Austin TX? Job listing for you to Earn BTC!

https://austin.craigslist.org/crg/4640432295.html Seriously though, This is awesome, Click the pic to get to the source listing page if interested!  If it was me, I’d personally see if I could charge .08 BTC flat rate plus .001 BTC per flyer handed out after 500, but that’s me.  Your results may vary!  (Jokingly considers filing this one under […]

Treat yourself to 15% off with the coupon code “hotmess”

Hello peeps! Its that time of year again when things start cooking outside.  Things like fried eggs on car engine hoods and sidewalks.  Anyhow, I wanted to offer a cool 15% off discount to all my BTC Loving guerilla awareness agents looking to make a difference, one traffic glance, at a time. Or perhaps, you […]