New Subreddit Changes

Hey there Bitcoiners! Maybe you knew already, but sometime last year I set up my own subreddit.  Its free internet space and I get to be the ‘mayor’…what’s not to love?  I set it up with a generic pic before and put up a few different blurbs and videos I’ve posted (I am on youtube […]

TL;DR My Virtual Reality TV Show

Update: I’ve given the project enough time and its due course and am no longer live streaming my computer screen.  This was just a total dead in the water opportunity, but I encourage anyone else who has a large crowd of bitcoin users to promote and sell premium streaming content through this platform.  It was […]

Earning Some Bitcoin: My experiences replacing Reddit with Zapchain ⚡️

I know it has been a minute, but that’s because I’ve been updating me!  Well, not so much in a glamourous sense, but working on my Javascript skills,  particularly ReactJS.  So, while taking a break from writing, Let’s face it, I’ve got an occasional reddit addiction.  Being a moderator for /r/bitcoin likely doesn’t help curb my […]

Introducing: Bitcoin Trivia

It’s been a few weeks peeps! I developed a game to help others learn more about Bitcoin.  It gives both newcomers as well as highly experienced experts a glimpse of all things Bitcoin. The game encompasses a ‘full firehose’ approach. Players are tested on various levels of facts and information related to the concepts such as the bitcoin community, […]