Dear RBTC: Give Attribution Credit

It’s a shame that I’ve come to sharing this reply with you, but I’m rather offended by a few things:  You guys are so desperate for any relevancy, that you ‘sticky’ a blog from an author that was clearly upset by /r/bitcoin moderation….he would not have even bothered saying a word had I not taken […]

How to: Setup Bitcoin Meta Tags (Protip Integration)

Tldr:  Use the 2nd code snippet on your header.php in your WordPress theme to embed hidden BTC addresses (for unobtrusive donations). For the rest of your who were born before 1997… So If you’re reading this post, chances are that you compete with me for page views.  You have your own fancy bitcoin website and create […]

New Subreddit Changes

Hey there Bitcoiners! Maybe you knew already, but sometime last year I set up my own subreddit.  Its free internet space and I get to be the ‘mayor’…what’s not to love?  I set it up with a generic pic before and put up a few different blurbs and videos I’ve posted (I am on youtube […]

Greg Maxwell on Scaling Bitcoin HK

This was found literally here:   The Scaling Bitcoin Workshop in HK is just wrapping up. Many fascinating proposals were presented. I think this would be a good time to share my view of the near term arc for capacity increases in the Bitcoin system. I believe we’re in a fantastic place right now and […]

You might be into Bitcoin for the wrong reasons, here’s five of them:

Reasons: It’s come to my attention that many of you are driven to Bitcoin for the wrong reasons.  When I came into bitcoin, I too was driven in by the wrong reasons.  I see that now many of us are driven by these reasons and I feel they’re warranted, but selfishly warranted. 1. You’re in […]

TL;DR My Virtual Reality TV Show

Update: I’ve given the project enough time and its due course and am no longer live streaming my computer screen.  This was just a total dead in the water opportunity, but I encourage anyone else who has a large crowd of bitcoin users to promote and sell premium streaming content through this platform.  It was […]

Earning Some Bitcoin: My experiences replacing Reddit with Zapchain ⚡️

I know it has been a minute, but that’s because I’ve been updating me!  Well, not so much in a glamourous sense, but working on my Javascript skills,  particularly ReactJS.  So, while taking a break from writing, Let’s face it, I’ve got an occasional reddit addiction.  Being a moderator for /r/bitcoin likely doesn’t help curb my […]

Introducing: Bitcoin Trivia

It’s been a few weeks peeps! I developed a game to help others learn more about Bitcoin.  It gives both newcomers as well as highly experienced experts a glimpse of all things Bitcoin. The game encompasses a ‘full firehose’ approach. Players are tested on various levels of facts and information related to the concepts such as the bitcoin community, […]