Apparently Tradeblock lists GBTC prices Live now – That was FAST

If you consider that I just wrote about this two weeks ago, and that the actual trading began last week – I’d have to say that Tradeblock is on the Move.  Again, this is just another email newsletter that I’m resharing for you, the public, however since it has context to my existing articles related […]

Start your own Business that can Accept Credit Cards and BTC for only $25 through Namecheap

Let’s face it, since sales have been flat for the past couple years I’m switching Business Models – adapt or die right?  No no, I don’t plan on being the next CoinDesk or anything, but I feel that I’ve attributed enough content to be able to have my own small following.  And while I commit […]

Open Bazaar : 1st Impressions Review

Surely one of our more exciting developments this year, the new platform poises itself to create a competitive advantage over existing centralized solutions because of the significant cost savings in terms of the effective elimination of the fees which are used to cover the overhead of larger operations. In a nutshell, OpenBazaar combines the concept […]