Been Feeling a Bit more generous lately

I don’t know why, even when I’m broke more, I feel compelled to give funds towards others with bitcoin because:   a)  I really Like the cool stuff we’re all making (as a community) b) I actually feel connected to the developer, artist, comedian, or writer by giving them funds through bitcoin. When using a […]

What’s a Block Explorer??? What you Need to Know about API

Takeaway:   Forwards can take a bit of time (reports of up to 33 confirmations in some cases.) Sometimes, the internet can be too harsh and thus tarnish company reputation.  This likely happens based on Mob Mentality – stop accepting and start questioning…everything (even this :p) The minimum amount receive payments api requires is .0005 […]

Coinality Review

Good Day Mates, It’s definitely been a minute since I’ve spoken out via post format via the internets, but hey, who cares.  If you’re really compelled to know, I’ve been Un-Shadowbanned and shall resume my moderating activities on Reddit.  Its also great news to know that the HK Ponzi Scheme Mycoin only shows losses of 8 […]

Write to Ross (Creator of the silk road) Today!

Hello Boys and Girls, Its been a while as I’ve been busy hacking away lately (I do a little bit of web development), but I wanted to take a moment to archive the following: Send a letter RIGHT NOW:   Federal Bureau of Prisons ROSS WILLIAM ULBRICHT 18870-111 Post Office Box 474701 Des Moines, Iowa […]

5 Hidden Champions of Bitcoin Awareness in Logos

#1:   #2: Yahoo Finance News   #3: Forbes   #4:   #5: Reuters News would like to salute these champions for spreading the word Bitcoin to an entire wave of online news consumers who will now learn of and investigate this new concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.  These companies […]

5 Requirements for Successful Bitcoin Adoption

While lurking around Reddit, I found a really great sarcastic comment from /u/backofthefridge that said: Cash out the 401(k) & little Johnny’s college fund, get that third mortgage, pawn grandpa’s coin collection…and remember, you can get by just fine on one kidney. It made me wonder, “why aren’t there dialysis franchises EATING this up?”  Then it […] Reveiw

SCAM!   Goto their website and they ask for ‘you to download something’?!?  That is ALWAYS a scam(exception only applies to a software vendor website like Microsoft or Lenovo or Dell where you initiated for them to detect your hardware or software configuration first).  DO NOT USE EOBOT.COM at all!  They will have you download […]