Who is this Frankenmint?

I go by the moniker Frankenmint, you should find me at one point or another elsewhere.  I came up with that name for my first rig, because it was put together with old computer parts, lying around.  I got into bitcoin and alt-coins around March 2013 and decided early on I wanted to get involved with mining.  I’ve been a web and database developer by trade but am educated in Business Management.  It is my mission to pour over the abundant amount of cryptocurrency information as much as I can including from places like Bitcointalk and its sister similars such as cryptocoin,litecoin, and altcointalk.co.uk, Reddit, webchat.freenode, and youtube.  I do occasionally get a chance to listen in on letstalkbitcoin and madbitcoins though and when I do, the podcasts are magical.  With this information exchange, I try to contribute when I can, but find myself absorbing like a sponge more often than not.  I do try to write occasional articles on www.thehoneybadgerofmoney.com (yes both urls work!) to keep casual as well as hardcore miners and Bitcoin users abreast of the things going on within the crypto landscape.

Mining Activities

I’ve accumulated all stages of mining hardware, including a couple FPGAs to be able to 1) get experience with all things mining, 2) be able to assist the community and also to get involved in mining sooner.  I have since amassed a very large power bill, and an array of GPUs for scrypt and ASICS for sha256 coins.  Though I still choose to mine bitcoin primarily, I have been looking at some of the various profit-led multipool setups as well as several different alt-coins of choice.
I left my traditional full time job to focus on my bitcoin adoption website and mining as a full time effort. In addition to these activities I also mine and actively trade altcoins through Cryptsy as well as on places like Coinmkt, Bitsimple, and btc-e (although it is to be gradually less with the latter company for investment security reasons). It has definitely been a roller coaster for me, but I no longer want to work for anyone but myself as a result of the freedom AND the stimulation brought on from other folks within the Virtual Currency Economy (Virconomy) that has emerged.  Despite risking great sums of time and money, we stand to be the new pilgrims of this digital frontier into socio-economic evolution.  
As featured in Reuters

Where Honeybadger of Money Comes From

My first step towards becoming a bitcoin-accepting merchant was when I took the opportunity to sign up with Andreas Antonopolous’s Open Bitcoin Store.  I failed somewhat spectacularly as I only made one sell to the netherlands for the equivalent of $2.50 after spending 5 weeks uploading inventory and creating a database of all MTG cards hosted on the site.  I decided instead to focus on selling items to spread bitcoin adoption and awareness through the use of Roger Ver and Eric Vorhees’ Honey Badger Of Money marketing billboard in Santa Clara California (with their artwork and permission) and created Honeybadgerofmoney.com to sell Magnetic Decals, and bitcoin themed merchandise.  I personally wear my own Magnetic Honeybadger bumper sticker on the hood of my car as most cars have a plastics based bumper – although I have permanent sticky bumper stickers too.  By purchasing a honeybadger of money bumper sticker you are both sharing the marketing of the physical billboard (shown as my background and in my logo) and sharing a famous Bitcoin primer video to smartphone users who can scan your the sticker’s QR code.  I also sell higher end merchandise to pair with formal-wear such as Cuff links, Tie pins, and Money Clips. My latest addition has been US bitcoin postage stamps, Dogecoin Bumper Stickers, and To the MOON Decals. Because I believe in cryptocurrency as the future beyond just Bitcoin, there is a coin payments integration on the site to allow our customers to pay in Litecoin, Dogecoin, Vertcoin, and more!
I am open to collaborate with all other bitcoin merchandise companies  – Drop me a note!