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Its been a while as I’ve been busy hacking away lately (I do a little bit of web development), but I wanted to take a moment to archive the following:

Send a letter RIGHT NOW:


Federal Bureau of Prisons
Post Office Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

I found it here, and it looks like it was written by Free Talk Live back in October last year.  I see that they mention back then that he was expected to possibly  be released, but that he is still in custody.  I have not heard about any sentencing or hearing events occurring which leads me to believe that Ross is still locked up in this Alameda County Jail.  With a little Google-fu I see that he’s actually locked up in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center and has a new inmate number (a Federal Bureau of Prisons ID 18870-111 if you want to send him money for commissary or perhaps have a publisher send him books/magazines [hint hint: Wired]). I am sharing this information with the world to serve as a backup in case Facebook or Freetalklive attempts to erase the information – which I now see is outdated so I’m publicly sharing this knowledge for YOU to utilize.

It is important for bitcoiners to respect and acknowledge Ross, REGARDLESS of what the silk road was used for, as his application was probably the first to truly utilize and facilitate  a bitcoin transaction system built into a website to purchase goods/services.  For what it’s worth, if Ross is held Liable, then his ISP, his vendors, and their customers SHOULD ALSO be held to the letter of the law and be detained as well.  And as a final note to Judge Katherine B. Forrest:  Your comment is unfounded – he has no access to internet nor to conspirators (they too would be detained, no?).

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