I’m Back

With a Vengeance!!  Well that was fun to quip about.  I know, I know I’ve been away for a while.  I’m back because I had a different topic to discuss which will be shared shortly, but in the meantime I wanted to explain my absence:

I’ve actually been busy in building endeavors and took time away from the walks of bitcointalk and reddit (and here).  Now that time has loosed up a bit so I’m back here, to flesh out those little pieces of my perspective that you come to expect from blind-rage-doxxing me and discovering this trove of bitcoin musings by moi.  Usually  don’t go into personal rant’s, but come on….  3+ months of crickets and you just expect me to jump back into the swing of things like I never left?  Please.

I still have Bitcoin Trivia (collecting dust w/ 2k15 outdatedness) AND weed4bitcoin.com still exists (no longer as a vendor portal) but as a shell proof-of-concept for how to implement your Marjuana dispensary  to take bitcoin payments.  I can even (through consulting) show you how to setup processes and systems to keep inventory and accounting as automated and as pain-free as possible.  I hadn’t written a full-on synopsis of how to do so, but realize I do know how it’s done and should probably jump on that guide for my fellow titans of Cannabis soon.

The btcpenpals site is still going (you can send a mailed letter to Ross Ulbricht or anyone currently incarcerated in the USA for $.99), though that never really picked up any sort of traction – likely due to the lack of overlap between bitcoin spenders and friends/loved ones who happen to be incarcerated.

I have been back on twitter and reddit for a few weeks prior –  I just didn’t have much anything on my mind to specifically share here on honeybadgerofmoney.  Thinking about it, I still have the /r/honeybadgerofmoney subreddit but never really put time into figuring out how I could best use it – one idea I had was to legitimately use that subreddit as a means to promote new bitcoin products and services – so that bitcoin marketers wouldn’t necessarily need to post to 5-10 different subreddits.  Do you have other ideas for it?  I’ll go on and post that article I had in mind earlier.  Oh and a final note:  I’ve decided that going forward, I’m no longer going to auto-link posts here to other forms of social media.  It feels cannabalistic – if you stumble upon my site due to an organic search, awesome.  If someone else found my commentary or insight to be particularly inspiring enough to share via social media channels, awesome, the same (thank you), but I’m personally no longer going to link my stuff to my profiles (as I had done in the past) as it serves no added benefit to just blast my social circle repeatedly.

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From the pristine land of the internetz, the Frankenment was bred from machine. While looking to embrace the new world Linux regime he is truly a windows bred. I've come from the darkness to the light to share with you other internetz fol-ken to share the message of virtual money. Through our actions, we can make the virtual world yet again beyond the decree of the internet, with the decree of internetz money! Bitcoin, the Supercurrency, the official tender of the internetz that will be accepted by all countries and all fol-ken Alike!