Running Bitcoin Arbitrage using Blackbird

My efforts to use an arbitrage trading bot went bust.  It was fun to look through though and I appreciate Butor very much for sitting me down and helping me fine tune things.  this was a valuable lesson not only in bots but in the way opportunities are found.  In the 5 weeks I had […]

Ziftrcoin Review

Scam!…it’s a complete Scam.  Do not use it!  Do not touch it!   Here’s my evidence: created a TON of different sites and services suddenly with no track record of usage Using NUMEROUS sock-puppet new accounts to promote said ‘sites’ on different social media platforms Guaranteed offer of redemption value per coin – from an […]

Ross Ulbricht/Charlie Shrem Mail forwarding Service

I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger on my Bitcoin Penpal mail forwarding idea.  Ask @MadBitcoins about it!  I’ve been sitting on the idea for a while now.  Originally, I wanted a way to send a letter to all incarcerated persons involved within Bitcoin – particularly Mark Karpeles.  However upon further investigation, I cannot personally forward mail to him! […]

Largest Bitcoin AMA in history. Coming Soon™

  Nestled amongst the chatter of online bitcoin tribes abound, one camp has made a clear statement that they are determined to rally us together in a meeting of titans involving that digital currency we’ve come to know and love.  With the announcement on reddit yesterday, came the confirmation of a MASSIVE list of speakers […] is LQQking for Moderators and contributors

I found this while looking through my jobs section today: Its a social sharing platform, and there seems to be opportunity to grow, both of those things got me interested initially.   There’s a github repo, very exciting! that infers legitimacy in my eyes.  Its a RoR implementation. Then I see the product …its another […]