Running Bitcoin Arbitrage using Blackbird

My efforts to use an arbitrage trading bot went bust.  It was fun to look through though and I appreciate Butor very much for sitting me down and helping me fine tune things.  this was a valuable lesson not only in bots but in the way opportunities are found.  In the 5 weeks I had […]

Ziftrcoin Review

Scam!…it’s a complete Scam.  Do not use it!  Do not touch it!   Here’s my evidence: created a TON of different sites and services suddenly with no track record of usage Using NUMEROUS sock-puppet new accounts to promote said ‘sites’ on different social media platforms Guaranteed offer of redemption value per coin – from an […]

How to: Setup Bitcoin Meta Tags (Protip Integration)

Tldr:  Use the 2nd code snippet on your header.php in your WordPress theme to embed hidden BTC addresses (for unobtrusive donations). For the rest of your who were born before 1997… So If you’re reading this post, chances are that you compete with me for page views.  You have your own fancy bitcoin website and create […]

Ross Ulbricht/Charlie Shrem Mail forwarding Service

I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger on my Bitcoin Penpal mail forwarding idea.  Ask @MadBitcoins about it!  I’ve been sitting on the idea for a while now.  Originally, I wanted a way to send a letter to all incarcerated persons involved within Bitcoin – particularly Mark Karpeles.  However upon further investigation, I cannot personally forward mail to him! […]

Largest Bitcoin AMA in history. Coming Soon™

  Nestled amongst the chatter of online bitcoin tribes abound, one camp has made a clear statement that they are determined to rally us together in a meeting of titans involving that digital currency we’ve come to know and love.  With the announcement on reddit yesterday, came the confirmation of a MASSIVE list of speakers […] is LQQking for Moderators and contributors

I found this while looking through my jobs section today: Its a social sharing platform, and there seems to be opportunity to grow, both of those things got me interested initially.   There’s a github repo, very exciting! that infers legitimacy in my eyes.  Its a RoR implementation. Then I see the product …its another […]

TradeBlock/Statoshi Reviews and Bitcoin Forking

Good Day InternEeeet!  Nerding out a bit here, but its not big thang you guys!  Anyway, I knew of these tools (statoshi and tradeblock) for a while, but like the BeesBros, I sat on them for a while before giving them a full shot.  So now, if you’ve never heard of them (or welcome, if […]