Ziftrcoin Review

Scam!…it’s a complete Scam.  Do not use it!  Do not touch it!   Here’s my evidence: created a TON of different sites and services suddenly with no track record of usage Using NUMEROUS sock-puppet new accounts to promote said ‘sites’ on different social media platforms Guaranteed offer of redemption value per coin – from an […]

Bitcoin Robbery In Brooklyn — Where are you Sir? Let us Help!

Hello Sir, 1st of all, I’m sorry to hear this happened.  Let us (the community)  Help you!  I can’t exactly send you $1100 dollars, but I can be damn sure to spread your bitcoin address to every exchange, every, mining pool, every potential bitcoin news source I can find, so WE CAN TRACK AND FIND […]

Is your BTC Wallet Signing Secure? Use this Python Script to Find Out!

I decided it was worthwhile to share this with everyone. Between hanging out on Reddit, I like to go back to the good old bitcointalk.org stomping grounds. I found this great little gem which is bound to get much attention from user ca333.  Its a Small Python Script that checks any given Bitcoin address for  weak […]