DogeCoin E-Commerce Business Tutorial

Hopefully you’re excited because I am… We’ll do this slow and steady…asking you a string of questions before guiding you down the path you need to take…clear??? Let’s begin… Do you know what Doge is? Yes?!? Then you’re already halfway there Shibe! Good! Now we begin by picking a wallet:  You could go the purist […]

Farewell, it was fun while it lasted!

Good Day Web Dwellers! I’ve had it!  j/k  I’m enjoying this wonderful Wednesday.  Still have to look into the Janet Yellen Speech today, but I see that BTC price didn’t bulge much so I’m presuming no bombshells were dropped either.  Anyway, today marks an interesting point for me…I’m closing out my Cexio Account.  No qualms or […]

I’m liking Cryptsy Less and Less and my Trading Action 11-1-2015

Its a great sunday today this november to remember in 2015.  Bitcoin is 7 years old and we’re still around, enjoying this multibillion dollar experiment (as some would put it).  I’ve been a user of Cryptsy for a long time, even had a time where I too was locked out once, but logged in without […]

Where I’m Coming From

I’ve decided to give my public stance on things regarding /r/Bitcoin.  Today we had several posts related to Bitcoin XT releases.  For those who don’t know, Bitcoin XT is a forked implementation of Bitcoin-Core released by Mike Hearn.  He has released it to support larger Block sizes.  His implementation works like this: XT nodes still […]

Trade Journal (TL;DR: I bought LTC) 8-1-15

I’ve checked back in on my portfolio and see that I made a mistake trying to short.  The market has moved back and was not phased by my short sell off attempt.  This happened another time back in 2013 for me and Copperbars.  Lesson learned, I’ll stay away from trying to pull market moves.  I […]