Here, Take My Cryptocurrency Ticker



I suppose I need to thank Dooglus for reminding me to get it done (Thank you!)



I’ve had this on the back of my mind for a few weeks.  I knew that Coindesk and Coingecko have their own price tickers made…I had the expertise so I decided to roll out my own.  Though I’m using it for bitcoin, it works flawlessly for almost any cryptocurrency really.  SUPER EASY…I advise anyone who is interested to take a look at mine and perhaps tweak the code further to your liking – An easy homework assignment would be to add in the 12/24 hour price different percentage.  This ticker uses Bitcoinaverage api to pull data but I have also scoped it to work with coinmarketcap so you have the option to roll this into a DAO ticker or even an Ethereum price ticker.

No I haven’t put in any branding because I expect you to remove it anyway 😉  All I ask is you perhaps disable your adblock if you felt this was helpful for you.

Feel free to use the Script to the Right or Audit the code further on Github.

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