My Armory Experience


Call this a rant of sorts. I’ve had Armory on an old hard drive for several years, I never used it towards the end because it still requires the bitcoin reference client to run….that means the longer I go without using it, the longer it takes to update….so as I said, I’ve had it since mid 2013…laying dormant in a non used hard drive. I ended up buying a different hard disk (ssd) for speed improvements…and … well… left it in the dust. Let’s fast forward to now…I’m using that old hard drive for its space and because at the time I encrypted the files and thought they were lost forever… Therefore, my old HDD with armory and all was living in the machine…For those who aren’t aware, Armory was the premier full node supported wallet, from an awesome team long rooted in bitcoin…I believe the wallet is also open source, powered mainly by way of c++ and python.

Well I dusted off my wallet and fired it up…perhaps four days in I was able to see the balance (.014…BTC) great 😐.  So now we try to send it…no dice…hmm…perhaps it was due to upgrading armory, then bitcoin core, midway.  No worries, let’s go on and…oh wait…why not just take a look at the allocation of the hard disk using winDirStat:


Full bitcoin Node we see takes 77GB…it’s the fact that armory takes another  68 GB of data, yikes!  My plan the whole time was to sync it to see the balance and to then send off the funds to a different wallet (all $8 dollars worth – sum fit for a king 🤑)

Good riddance and good day, old friend.

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