Can someone please explain to me what the difference is between sidechains, colored coins, factom, ethereum, and mastercoin aka Omni and Synero?

TL;DR -> Mentioned technologies would need to create value through interaction and use of bitcoin in order to succeed AND would need to successfully collect a substantial portion of the cryptocurrency community in the process. This all started as a question I was about to ask you guys over at /r/cryptocurrency subreddit, but after browsing […]

Dear Internet, I give you the future

I’ve just sort of put it together with a little tidbit I wrote here.  We will have a decentralized internet heavy society whereby services that we want will be offered freely in exchange for either community based help through expertise, artistic inspiration and feedback for future ideas and features, and redeemable vouchers that are usable […]

Have you Ordered from Alpha Technologies? Kiss your Money Goodbye!

I’m posting this today because EVERYONE who is interested in this company deserves to know.  You’ve been sold an obsolete promise and your deposit is now forfeited to this ‘joke’ of a company.   As you know we are nearing the end of July with no shipping date. We have previously said we believe transparency, […]

Mine against the world [Challenge Accepted ] (EZ mining BTC Solo setup)

I am feeling STOKED right now because it’s meeh against the WORld!!!  I finally got around to converting my block erupters to lottery mode aka mining solo on a full bitcoin node.  Hoping to secure the network through proof of work consensus and win a lottery someday soon. All I did was: Bitcoin Wallet installed […]

Alpha-T groupbuy

  Hello Everyone, Last year I placed a deposit towards a couple of Alpha-Technologies Viper Mining Rigs.  These Scrypt asics are capable of computing Scrypt Algorithm at approximately 90 Megahashes Each.  Due to external circumstances outside of my control, I am unable to provide a complete payment towards the remainder of the deposit, which is […]

PiMP Review and how to update from BAMT on windows

Hello Miners, I myself am getting in on the newest BAMT successor PiMP!  Pimp, which stands for Portable instant Mining Platform, is a 64 Bit Mining linux distro  that has the ability to: Manage pools Switch pools and Scrypt/Max/Scrypt-N/Darkcoin/Jane/Qubat/Sha3-keccak/groestl protocols to mine all the new alts including vertcoin. Change config settings view entire farms of […]

Multi Mining Roundup Pt 1

Hello Fellow Miners! Forewarning: Profitability using aggregators needs to be considered carefully before incorporating multi-pool as a strategy.  Please consider that your hardware needs to spend moments switching work efforts to calculate different hashes and that the aggregate mining time may be slightly decreased compared to mining one coin.  Furthermore that profitability is based on […]