Farewell Cex.io, it was fun while it lasted!

Good Day Web Dwellers! I’ve had it!  j/k  I’m enjoying this wonderful Wednesday.  Still have to look into the Janet Yellen Speech today, but I see that BTC price didn’t bulge much so I’m presuming no bombshells were dropped either.  Anyway, today marks an interesting point for me…I’m closing out my Cexio Account.  No qualms or […]

Come join the core devs Live from Montreal!

Morning on this Beautiful Tipping Tuesday Everyone! An open letter signed from the various core devs of bitcoin was drafted and signed today. Shared on both BitcoinMagazine.com and also distributed on Change.org for others to symbolically sign (which I don’t recommend bothering to do) (If you have a little bitcoin to spare, tip others on […]

Where I’m Coming From

I’ve decided to give my public stance on things regarding /r/Bitcoin.  Today we had several posts related to Bitcoin XT releases.  For those who don’t know, Bitcoin XT is a forked implementation of Bitcoin-Core released by Mike Hearn.  He has released it to support larger Block sizes.  His implementation works like this: XT nodes still […]

21 Inc. Facts and Speculation based on Job Descriptions

Greetings Bitcoin! I say that because taking Good MORNING Bitcoin would be outright theft of Mad’s Stilow; but I agree with the similar sentiment.  Bitcoin isn’t just a technology used, or a store of value for holding your ‘not in my wallet’ money.  IT’S ALSO A COMMUNITY of strong, awesome, some neckbeared (disclaimer, I do have […]

Mine against the world [Challenge Accepted ] (EZ mining BTC Solo setup)

I am feeling STOKED right now because it’s meeh against the WORld!!!  I finally got around to converting my block erupters to lottery mode aka mining solo on a full bitcoin node.  Hoping to secure the network through proof of work consensus and win a lottery someday soon. All I did was: Bitcoin Wallet installed […]

How to troubleshoot Asicminer Block Erupters

Hello Fellow miners! I’ve decided to pen this quick guide to assist folks who are having trouble with their block erupter setups!  I’ve had this issue haunt me for the past month or so, but have largely ignored it due to the fact that I have other substantial hardware working around the clock to bother […]