Ziftrcoin Review

Scam!…it’s a complete Scam.  Do not use it!  Do not touch it!  

Here’s my evidence:

  1. created a TON of different sites and services suddenly with no track record of usage
  2. Using NUMEROUS sock-puppet new accounts to promote said ‘sites’ on different social media platforms
  3. Guaranteed offer of redemption value per coin – from an anonymous organization (aka unenforceable)
  4. Misleading language by the coin-dev related to the assertion of $1 mentioned above
  5. About us page with no mention of the supposed dev defending them above – let alone NO mention of developers, just a good ol’ vp of engineering.
  6. Supposedly this company behind the coin Zifr has been around since 2008 so why is it that I go to archive.org and the first snapshot is from 2013?!?  Certainly a technology driven company from 2008 should have a digital footprint right?  It turns out if you google “ziftr alerts” you get to my next point
  7. Ziftr is the leftover remains of an Adware Company aka they used to build malware.


The bottom line is, I wasn’t bothered by these scumbags until they started flooding /r/bitcoin with the BS which is what enticed me to investigate them further.  I had some doubts for a split second when listening in on Bobby Ong’s interview w/ Rob, but then he opened his mouth and said 2008 which prompted me to fact check via archive.org.  All the snapshots sent me to a redirect-> dashboard page until May 17th 2013. That is the first time their homepage actually renders.

so then within 3 seconds archive.org comes back with a “?download” anchor, leading me to believe they are feeding a malicious software download on visit.  This is all from 2013 by the way.  So Not only did Robert deceive the pubic in his interview with bobby, but he’s also encouraging the use of a malware company for your so-called  Initial Coin Offering for this sham-scam.  I encourage any Ziftrcoin participants to challenge my claim that Ziftrcoin is a Scam.

Post Author: Frankenmint

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