Public Broadcasting Should take Bitcoin Donations

Taking donations for bitcoin can occur at the grass roots level and would be progressive.  I don’t have to be a member to participate yet If i were a member I could donate to specific addresses or causes related to my programming that I knew about – it will likely go to the same public […]

Help me put a Neon Bitcoin Sign in Downtown PDX!

Final Update:  We’ve done it! Thank you for all your donations!   Purchased Monday November 2nd 2015!   Original Post:   Family and Friends of Bitcoin, We need your help to raise Bitcoin awareness in Downtown Portland!  How? By equipping a Neon Bitcoin Sign to the Isabel Pearl. Technically listed as Isabel’s Cantina, this PDX […]

Been Feeling a Bit more generous lately

I don’t know why, even when I’m broke more, I feel compelled to give funds towards others with bitcoin because:   a)  I really Like the cool stuff we’re all making (as a community) b) I actually feel connected to the developer, artist, comedian, or writer by giving them funds through bitcoin. When using a […]

Give the Gift of Spreading Adoption: Donate Today!

I decided to give the service a try to see how it worked as a crowdsourcing platform.  I am accepting donations for the Guerilla Awareness Efforts Initiative here: is the campaign I’ve put together.  This site is built very well, its easy to join and get a project listed quickly.  I’m not expecting any […]