Introducing: Bitcoin Trivia

It’s been a few weeks peeps!

I developed a game to help others learn more about Bitcoin.  It gives both newcomers as well as highly experienced experts a glimpse of all things Bitcoin. The game encompasses a full firehose’ approach. Players are tested on various levels of facts and information related to the concepts such as the bitcoin community, the bitcoin protocol, and past notable events as well as notable libraries, persons, and acronyms.  Proficient players can easily pass through the knowledge they understand, yet learn from the concepts they don’t understand.

Ideal for anyone who is interested in pursuing a hobby or potentially a career in cryptocurrencies,  Bitcoin Trivia allows everyone to compete with their existing knowledge of Bitcoin against other players while teaching them new aspects about BTC that they may have overlooked before.  Furthermore, Bitcoin Trivia can be used to gage the sheer size and knowledge contained by engaged users of the bitcoin community.  If you’re looking to get your friends into Bitcoin, consider giving them this tool instead. Are you looking to develop a pool or build mining software? Interested in some of the more abstract nuances not known such as May 22nd, or Tonal Bitcoin?  Learn those and more today with Bitcoin Trivia.  

Don’t miss out the the community you may not know about!  Bitcoin Trivia gives players an opportunity to compete with other players on their expertise and also their reflexes, where survival and accuracy are rewarded – The crowning Satoshi Nakamoto Achievement ensures eternal bragging rights to those that dare earn it.  Sharpen Your Bitcoin Skills…

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Post Author: Frankenmint

From the pristine land of the internetz, the Frankenment was bred from machine. While looking to embrace the new world Linux regime he is truly a windows bred. I've come from the darkness to the light to share with you other internetz fol-ken to share the message of virtual money. Through our actions, we can make the virtual world yet again beyond the decree of the internet, with the decree of internetz money! Bitcoin, the Supercurrency, the official tender of the internetz that will be accepted by all countries and all fol-ken Alike!