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Update: I’ve given the project enough time and its due course and am no longer live streaming my computer screen.  This was just a total dead in the water opportunity, but I encourage anyone else who has a large crowd of bitcoin users to promote and sell premium streaming content through this platform.  It was fun and I actually had a viewer one time (about a month before this was posted – on a fluke. You can see the comments exchange on another thread).  Original Post:


If you haven’t been to my site before, I’m glad you could make it!  So today we’ll be talking about streamcasting live content for bitcoin using Streamium!  In fact, as a proof of concept, this article was created live in real time while streamcasting!  What is that?  Well I made the word up (or maybe I haven’t … nope I haven’t looks like it was coined perhaps 6 years ago according to urban dictionary, a totally legit and credible bonafide reference).  Lol I had all caps for a 2nd… Maybe this all has to do with me looking at ways of monetization with my ultimate aim being content creation.  Though to be honest the last thing I want to do is to encourage is “me too” posts.  That’s why you may see major things happening in bitcoin (like for instance the debit card from coinbase) that everyone else will spend the time to report that I just don’t bother with.  Anyway, I came here to discuss the fact that I am now live on Streamium and will pledge to remain online (for at least the next few days).  Why?  Well, I’d like to be a content curator (with a penchant and emphasis for bitcoin) one way or another – I do believe in the concept of no middleman, which is why I’m staving off just going full deep-end and doing youtube videos (I do have a twitch stream and plan to remain there – especially when I get someone to take up my offer to trade fallout 4 (XB1) for BTC.)  (One potential thought is to do some preliminary participation on World Crypto Network (both for practice and to get my video presentation skills more up to par), Admittedly I’ve just been a lazy butt to go on there and actually participate – I’m coming soon guys!)

I’ll be streaming through this link consistently, bookmark it if you wish. Today, I’ve learned that you can post multiple streams simultaneously from the same browser – that probably is a useless feature, but at the same time it’s interesting to know that, I guess.  In case you’re a developer and you are desire to be “in the know”, under the hood, here is a link to their github repo.  For convenience:

Pretty obvious here that this is a Mean stack style application (meaning it uses server side javascript like nodeJS).  Looking through the app directory we see the main app.js file and a Bitcore Library to handle Bitcoin payment channels, and Angular for frontend.  I’m totally lost on what these are for though:

Obviously it’s peerJS settings and its stun servers, but I have no idea what those are even for (obviously peerJS must be a sort of client side library that helps facilitate easier peer to peer connections [I’m guessing through sockets?]).  Wow, through reverse digging, I find this gist, from this stackOverflow question, presumably correlated to one of the streamium devs, who commented first on that gist file! (small world).  Okay, from

The STUN server allows clients to find out their public address, the type of NAT they are behind and the internet side port associated by the NAT with a particular local port.

In plain english that means it gives you computer a way to identify its communication channels and to share them with remote clients so that a connection can occur (I think).  Fun bonus (if you’re interested in building your own streamium clone, by chance).  I’m also going to request that if you stream my feed and I don’t check the chat window, feel free to leave a comment here in this specific, using disqus below to post so it pings my email and I’ll type back!  Have you used streamium or do you use it?  What for?  Do you like it? Thanks for tuning in, till next time peeps!

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