New Subreddit Changes

Hey there Bitcoiners!

Maybe you knew already, but sometime last year I set up my own subreddit.  Its free internet space and I get to be the ‘mayor’…what’s not to love?  I set it up with a generic pic before and put up a few different blurbs and videos I’ve posted (I am on youtube too you know 🤓) so before it was looking like this:



With the love of Naugh theme as a baseline and a few small tweaks to the spritesheet.png template and header images, I’ve now transformed the subreddit to look like this!:


It’s been one of those little details I’ve wanted to get implemented on my old sub but never came around to really learning until now.  I’m imagining that the next steps are to add animation onto the header or perhaps the voting buttons…maybe make them shoot out shimmers of btc as a way to waste my time from learning cpp (chuckling to myself).

Post Author: Frankenmint

From the pristine land of the internetz, the Frankenment was bred from machine. While looking to embrace the new world Linux regime he is truly a windows bred. I've come from the darkness to the light to share with you other internetz fol-ken to share the message of virtual money. Through our actions, we can make the virtual world yet again beyond the decree of the internet, with the decree of internetz money! Bitcoin, the Supercurrency, the official tender of the internetz that will be accepted by all countries and all fol-ken Alike!