il Whaaa Dream Job to promote with Brawker!?!? li>

challenge accepted!
In the words of Barney Stenson

Here’s to you Brawker, Here’s to you!  World, Please note that I am also competing for this Awesome opportunity (to be $2500 per month richer for using Brawker and losing a bit of privacy in the process).  I found this wonderful opportunity through my job board.  Here is a screencap of the job posting for internet archive history purposes:



my reply word count: 231 words.

Use of Links: 2 Urls

Reference to the word Bitcoin: 9 times


Its looking good!  Upon receipt of employment, my first order of business would be to do a full-on review along with all the fancy features such as setting discounts and buying bitcoin!  Good times, good times.

I could probably utilize billpayforcoins to cover electricity for entertainment and other off the wall things and brawker for most everything else.


I have also learned to mask the link to this page by using the < sign and using the permalink to get back to it and share it across reddit. Say, would you want a dream job, being paid $2500 pm in bitcoin in order to purchase goods and report on them as well as pay bills? What sorts of goods would you buy and report on?  Discuss in the Comments Below:



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