Come join the core devs Live from Montreal!

Morning on this Beautiful Tipping Tuesday Everyone! An open letter signed from the various core devs of bitcoin was drafted and signed today. Shared on both and also distributed on for others to symbolically sign (which I don’t recommend bothering to do) (If you have a little bitcoin to spare, tip others on […]

Introducing: Bitcoin Trivia

It’s been a few weeks peeps! I developed a game to help others learn more about Bitcoin.  It gives both newcomers as well as highly experienced experts a glimpse of all things Bitcoin. The game encompasses a ‘full firehose’ approach. Players are tested on various levels of facts and information related to the concepts such as the bitcoin community, […]

Bitcoin Current Events Mid Year 2015

Hello Bitcoiners, You’re reading this because you’ve heard of the honey badger of money – Bitcoin.  A digital cryptocurrency.  So let’s fast forward into the current events. Around two months ago, mid march, Gavin Andersen (one of the more well known full time bitcoin developers)  has stated publicly that he planned to implement a hard […]

21 Inc. Facts and Speculation based on Job Descriptions

Greetings Bitcoin! I say that because taking Good MORNING Bitcoin would be outright theft of Mad’s Stilow; but I agree with the similar sentiment.  Bitcoin isn’t just a technology used, or a store of value for holding your ‘not in my wallet’ money.  IT’S ALSO A COMMUNITY of strong, awesome, some neckbeared (disclaimer, I do have […]

2nd Black Friday Deal!

For this year’s Brack Friday Bunduru, I’ve decided to offer a token 15% off as a thank you for choosing HBOM for your bitcoin gift giving needs!   Use the coupon code: frankenmint (yes, my name!) at checkout to get your 15% off today, offer is good until January 5th 2015!  Spread Bitcoin Awareness!  

il Whaaa Dream Job to promote with Brawker!?!? li>

Here’s to you Brawker, Here’s to you!  World, Please note that I am also competing for this Awesome opportunity (to be $2500 per month richer for using Brawker and losing a bit of privacy in the process).  I found this wonderful opportunity through my job board.  Here is a screencap of the job posting for […]

Attention Lawyers: Please HELP Rob Lons, CEO

I recently received an email from Rob Lons of, a website hosting provider who accepts bitcoin and to my dismay, it appears his partner is attempting to lock him out and destroy his business in a power grab to liquidate the business: While I have personally spoken with a great many of you, for […]

Live in Austin TX? Job listing for you to Earn BTC! Seriously though, This is awesome, Click the pic to get to the source listing page if interested!  If it was me, I’d personally see if I could charge .08 BTC flat rate plus .001 BTC per flyer handed out after 500, but that’s me.  Your results may vary!  (Jokingly considers filing this one under […]

Dear Internet, I give you the future

I’ve just sort of put it together with a little tidbit I wrote here.  We will have a decentralized internet heavy society whereby services that we want will be offered freely in exchange for either community based help through expertise, artistic inspiration and feedback for future ideas and features, and redeemable vouchers that are usable […]

Give the Gift of Spreading Adoption: Donate Today!

I decided to give the service a try to see how it worked as a crowdsourcing platform.  I am accepting donations for the Guerilla Awareness Efforts Initiative here: is the campaign I’ve put together.  This site is built very well, its easy to join and get a project listed quickly.  I’m not expecting any […]