Come join the core devs Live from Montreal!

Morning on this Beautiful Tipping Tuesday Everyone!

An open letter signed from the various core devs of bitcoin was drafted and signed today. Shared on both and also distributed on for others to symbolically sign (which I don’t recommend bothering to do)

(If you have a little bitcoin to spare, tip others on Reddit or on twitter who provide great content to you!)  So its come down the grapevine, (courtesy of Kanzure), that there will be live streaming event on Saturday September 12th and Sunday September 13th, 2015 where the Core Developers of bitcoin will have a discussion and open workshop in Montreal to discuss and debate a solution between the various proposed bips and hopefully agree to an open standard so that XT and Core can proliferate without needing to have a hardfork (due to them conflicting with one another, hardfork based on updated software is fine and encouraged, we need to ultimately increase the blocksize).

I will not be in Montreal, I don’t expect that you will be either.  So, if you, like me, would still like to know about and to potentially to participate with questions or relevant comments, then come join us, on IRC.  Use a Client like Mirc or if you just want to use a web browser.  We’ll see you there!


Update: It’s now Saturday! I have been given a link by Elehal of IRC with the youtube link of the event to be streamed. Here it is:


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