How to setup up a bitcoin inheritance

I would like to thank mickyhovis of Reddit who originally asked this question.  Why setup a bitcoin?  To securely leave your bitcoin to someone else of course!  Setting up a bitcoin inheritance isn’t too hard, but it is more difficult than leaving the name(s) of your beneficiar(ies) on your bank account.  With that said, keep in mind it […]

Ross Ulbricht/Charlie Shrem Mail forwarding Service

I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger on my Bitcoin Penpal mail forwarding idea.  Ask @MadBitcoins about it!  I’ve been sitting on the idea for a while now.  Originally, I wanted a way to send a letter to all incarcerated persons involved within Bitcoin – particularly Mark Karpeles.  However upon further investigation, I cannot personally forward mail to him! […]

Introducing: Bitcoin Trivia

It’s been a few weeks peeps! I developed a game to help others learn more about Bitcoin.  It gives both newcomers as well as highly experienced experts a glimpse of all things Bitcoin. The game encompasses a ‘full firehose’ approach. Players are tested on various levels of facts and information related to the concepts such as the bitcoin community, […]

Jarvis Coinalytics First Impressions Review

Background About a month ago, I found this little gem on reddit.  Named after the computer with endless quips in Iron Man, Jarvis from Conalytics is touted as a ‘Visual, In-Depth’ Block exploring tool!  So naturally, I had to sign up to try it out and see what all the fuss was about (For Science!!!!) […]

What’s a Block Explorer??? What you Need to Know about API

Takeaway:   Forwards can take a bit of time (reports of up to 33 confirmations in some cases.) Sometimes, the internet can be too harsh and thus tarnish company reputation.  This likely happens based on Mob Mentality – stop accepting and start questioning…everything (even this :p) The minimum amount receive payments api requires is .0005 […]

Tradeblock Removes Kraken Adds Coinbase (GBTC share Parity Valuation Index)

Hello Peeps! If you’re following my latest entries, you will notice I’ve been discussing some of the more interesting nuances of the Bitcoin Investment Trust Full Disclosure guide. The 200 page document is littered with interesting tidbits and information about the the bitcoin network, notable events that have occurred within bitcoin development, as well as […]

Is your BTC Wallet Signing Secure? Use this Python Script to Find Out!

I decided it was worthwhile to share this with everyone. Between hanging out on Reddit, I like to go back to the good old stomping grounds. I found this great little gem which is bound to get much attention from user ca333.  Its a Small Python Script that checks any given Bitcoin address for  weak […]