Magnetic HBOM Bumper Sticker


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Do you want to participate first hand in spreading bitcoin awareness but don’t know how?  Are you interested in spreading crypto-evangelism but fear the social awkwardness of approaching people?  Do you commute often and just bask in the desire to share the power of crypto with others and wonder “how?”  We (well, I) at the have solved this problem!  Now with magnetic backing!  Avoid Adhesives (please confirm your bumper is compatible with this product.  Alternatively an old school, adhesive based version is sold here!


Please note that in order to keep this bumper-sticker and your bumper in pristine condition, that you MUST wash your bumper every so often like once or twice a month is good…Do not apply this magnetic bumper sticker to the following:  freshly painted vehicles, freshly waxed areas.  Use this guide here to learn periodic maintenance with magnetic bumper stickers, courtesy of 



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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 x 10 x .00125 in