Welcoming the Latest Product to Bitcoin – USPS Postage!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been mulling over the idea for a while.  I was looking for more ways to spread adoption and awareness.  One of my musings to do was to always write “Accept Bitcoin” below the tip on your merchant receipts for credit cards/debit cards.  Another thought was to create postcards of “bitcoin primer” for our politicians and Corporate Executives to be able to have a first-hand glance at what the future is all about.

I chose to pursue Bitcoin themed postage because I believe it allows us to increase the Brand Identity of Bitcoin.  While this isn’t the crypto-exclusive product that will create further reinforced utility and thus necessity of cryptocurrency, it does add to the arsenal of awareness tools that Bitcoin Evangelists are seeking to be able to promote the protocol.  My hope is that others like me who promote cryptocurrency such as Dogecoin or Litecoin will consider doing their own versions of these as well.  That, in and of itself may take additional time to come to fruition but I believe that it is possible for these sort of items to become successful.

In the words of Nick Carey, we “need more honeybadgers!”  Honeybadgers are a unflinching dedicated people to cryptocurrency who don’t let a Gox keep them down!  They don’t let a silly Senator Manchin nor a Mocumentarist Bill Mather bully them into following the beliefs of the weak-hearted, they strive for innovation and lead the way for change.  I’m just doing my part to participate, one stamp at a time.



Post Author: Frankenmint

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