Check out my Bitcoin Flow Chart!

Hey Everyone,


I’ve been busy for the past few days throwing together a flow chart for the bitcoin community.  Basically this all happened as a follow through of an idea a friend of mine had (The aim was to extrapolate the inferences gained from this previous post, thus helping address knowledge gaps through one contiguous document).  If you find any major discrepancies or misnomers, please let me know right away so I can get them remedied.  Earlier on I made the decision to embed a few referral links (to coinbase, purse, localbitcoins, and I believe one other) but since then made the decision to remove these referral links so that I am not breaking rules when posting this to the various bitcoin social mediums.




Link to Chart

Have you used my Action Tree?  Are there any critical aspects I missed but should have included?  (Admittedly I pondered as to whether or not I should include a portion explaining out the differences between wallets and holding private keys and wallets that act as custodians to your funds)  This is my first such chart and I would appreciate any feedback offered

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