Running Bitcoin Arbitrage using Blackbird

My efforts to use an arbitrage trading bot went bust.  It was fun to look through though and I appreciate Butor very much for sitting me down and helping me fine tune things.  this was a valuable lesson not only in bots but in the way opportunities are found.  In the 5 weeks I had […]

Public Broadcasting Should take Bitcoin Donations

Taking donations for bitcoin can occur at the grass roots level and would be progressive.  I don’t have to be a member to participate yet If i were a member I could donate to specific addresses or causes related to my programming that I knew about – it will likely go to the same public […]

Information Fragmentation

I’ve been studying bitcoin lately much more than usual.  But in between I take my breaks using different places, too many different places. Let’s go through that list:  We have conferences, physical meetup groups, and telegram chats for local-realtime communication (for that matter Slack chat groups are recently sprouting on the scene as well). Then we have the […]

Ziftrcoin Review

Scam!…it’s a complete Scam.  Do not use it!  Do not touch it!   Here’s my evidence: created a TON of different sites and services suddenly with no track record of usage Using NUMEROUS sock-puppet new accounts to promote said ‘sites’ on different social media platforms Guaranteed offer of redemption value per coin – from an […]

Farewell, it was fun while it lasted!

Good Day Web Dwellers! I’ve had it!  j/k  I’m enjoying this wonderful Wednesday.  Still have to look into the Janet Yellen Speech today, but I see that BTC price didn’t bulge much so I’m presuming no bombshells were dropped either.  Anyway, today marks an interesting point for me…I’m closing out my Cexio Account.  No qualms or […]