You TOO can cause change to promote Bitcoin awareness

I read a few comments the other day about NCR Corporation setting up their Point of Sale Terminals to accept Bitcoin payments and was quite pleased.  This all began back on September 27th 2014.  I was stumbled upon an article where Mark Cuban gave some comments about Bitcoin (I’ve heard him make the reference before about considering them akin to ‘for funsies’ investing, like collecting baseball cards.)

I immediately ‘took to the streets’ with this comment:



And within what I thought was moments (it turns out that two days had passed)  I recieved a reply from a cheery fellow named Neal who put it bluntly:




I appreciate any devils advocate towards my feelings and beliefs because it also causes me to occasionally desire validation to confirm that I still truly believe in my core statements.  I also noticed that through investigative profile clicking that Neil not only has a LinkedIn Account, but he actively publishes anti-bitcoin materials, AND also works at NCR.  Determining this last tidbit made me think of the movie Traffic where Michael Douglas, supposedly portraying a version of John P Walters, finds out his daughter is also drug riddled.  In my own eyes, it was very ‘toxic’ that such a person worked as a mid level customer support engineer for one of the largest Point of Sale Terminal Manufacturer in the world.

I couldn’t let that slide.  Brandishing my digital pitchfork, I decided to bring the fight over to reddit with a ‘Call to Action’:


I’m not claiming it worked directly, but I am claiming that it possibly caused the banter of discussion that ran discourse towards a decision I found quite rewarding to see today:


Thank you for making this move NCR, this is a great win for cryptocurrency!

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