Apparently Tradeblock lists GBTC prices Live now – That was FAST

If you consider that I just wrote about this two weeks ago, and that the actual trading began last week – I’d have to say that Tradeblock is on the Move.  Again, this is just another email newsletter that I’m resharing for you, the public, however since it has context to my existing articles related to the Bitcoin Investment Trust it seemed relevant to provide:


Bitcoin Investment Trust Data on TradeBlock Markets

You can now view the real-time, approximate, per-share net asset value (NAV) for Grayscale Investments’ Bitcoin Investment Trust on TradeBlock Markets. TradeBlock’s XBX Index serves as the reference rate by which the NAV is calculated for the Trust. This means TradeBlock is the only place in the world currently available to view this data in both numeric and various chart formats.

Working in direct collaboration with Grayscale, TradeBlock’s data approximates the NAV per share, utilizing calculations set by the Trust’s offering memorandum on top of the XBX index. This results in a price that would be realized if Bitcoin Investment Trust shares perfectly reflected prices in bitcoin spot markets. Notably, the official NAV for Bitcoin Investment Trust shares is calculated once daily (on business days at 4pm) by Grayscale, using a weighted average of the the XBX Index over the preceding 24-hour period.

View now on TradeBlock Markets.

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